Lifetime Warranty

7 Days/Week.

365 Days/Year.

Free For Life.

Seriously – No Kidding

We're talking a website for your business – so, the best support is just good enough to avoid downtime. That's why we are always there for you, and fast-acting especially if you're in trouble because something "broke". Not only that, but price and duration are right, too: Free of charge. For lifetime.***

*** 'Lifetime Warranty', 'Free For life.' and 'Free of charge. For lifetime.' meaning, indeed, functional warranty free and at no extra cost during the entire lifetime of the website as installed by us for you.
Not included are errors or malfunctioning caused by users, web host or 3rd-party personnel, or by code or content we did not provide, install or update.
This warranty is not transferable, e.g. if ownership of the site changes. In any case, we are not liable for any damage caused to anyone by errors, malfunction or downtime.

Onwards & Upwards?

We are looking forward to hearing from you when it's time for installing or enabling additional functionality, e.g. because your business demands so. In a timely fashion, we shall put the uttermost effort in realizing your requirements.
Needless to say, it shall be done in the most (cost-)efficient way – which should be well doable following the 'future plan' assessment during the project evaluation at the very beginning. However, we do like nice surprises as well.

So, if your new website is not once and forever complete upon initial installation, then it may grow step by step together with your business. And naturally, the aforementioned 'lifetime warranty' keeps going and will include our new code as well.

Again, no kidding.