You're Free

We never make you dependent and pay & pay & pay...

All Fair Play

We want to be the best in everything we do, and 'Fair Play' is an important part of it. But we understand that sincerity is difficult to prove beforehand, especially since it's pathetic reality that decent work ethics and honest business attitudes are rather the exception in many service industries...

After all, creating a website is a project with defined scope, time frame and compensation – not an affair stretching over years and requiring tricky contracts with lots of second agenda in fine print.
So we keep playing fair. And hope you appreciate it.

Only a happy client is a good client.

Few Ground Rules

  • Unless you'd explicitly see benefit in hiring us for other tasks: We will not bother you with service offers beyond the agreed project scope and what is directly related to it.
  • Unless you'd explicitly prefer a step-by-step procedure: We will not sell you an incomplete product (i.e. to sell you the missing but needed components later on).
  • We will not deliver a buggy product (i.e. only to then offer fixing it in return for extra payment).
  • We will not want to receive full payment before you are happy with our product.
  • Unless you'd explicitly prefer a service agreement beyond standard terms: We have no intention of wrapping you into a lengthy service or support contract with ongoing payments.