Your long-term plan defines our starting point.

Quo Vadis?

For your website to be a good investment for as long as possible, it should easily adapt to the dynamics of where your business is going. In all confidentiality, we will try as much as possible to assess your plans for the foreseeable future, solely to prevent you from needing to rebuild the site in the near future again.
Eventually, even if not fully utilised early on, your website will be equipped with future-ready functionality from the first day, and the effort of enabling additional services once required is much easier.

Classic Example

A retailer may initially want to publish only a certain product range in 'catalogue' format. Later he may want to add retail pricing. Shortly after, he may want to email his customers discount offers. As a next step, he may decide to offer on-line sales through a web store. And when he starts wholeselling, he will want different client/pricing groups.

The knowledge of such possible evolution before creating the website enables us to set it up accordingly already today. Not a big issue now, but much time and money saved in the months and years to come!